What is Hybrid?

When registering with MMC Management you become an employee of MMC Management. We sub-contract you and your services out to recruitment agencies and clients. MMC then charges the agency or client a fee for the services that you have provided, out of this fee we then deduct a competitive margin from the contract.

On a weekly basis MMC Management pays its employees for the services they have provided, all PAYE and National Insurance contributions are taken at source, therefore what your receive in your bank account is yours to spend!

Holiday pay is paid to our employees on a weekly basis ….. why should we sit on your money? As an employee of MMC Management, you can claim your genuine business expenses on a weekly basis, all you need to do is complete and return our weekly expense claim form.


How do the expenses work?
MMC Management will pay you salary and allow you to claim legitimate tax-free expenses at source, which increases your take home pay.

Why is this done?
Salary is subject to PAYE tax and National Insurance, while expenses are not. Therefore by claiming your expenses you are reducing the tax liability on your salary.

What can be claimed?
HMRC say that expenses that are wholly, exclusively and necessary in the performance of your duties can be claimed. Therefore any mileage, tools, related professional courses and overnight accommodation (when staying away from home).

Do you need to send receipts?
Any expenses that you wish to claim, including mileage, would need to be accompanied by valid VAT receipts.

Why choose Hybrid

  • One full contract of continuous employment
  • Transparent and competitive margin structure
  • Accurate weekly payments
  • Letting you look after your holidays
  • Insurance cover
  • Experienced customer service team
  • Full statutory rights
  • No complicated tax returns to fill in

What to do next?

To register with MMC Management we need the following documents from you:

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Signed copy of Contract of Employment
  3. Completed P46 or P45 from previous employer
  4. Proof of eligibility to work in the UK – i.e. passport